Sports Betting


Let’s now look at some of the types of terms that are used in the betting world, so that you can make bets that are perfect in every respect.


Let’s start with the simplest ones, that is the three signs 1, X, 2: everyone should know the meaning that revolves around each of the three symbols but, to avoid confusion, we must review them.

The sign 1 allows you to place a bet, defined in technical terms Bet, on the team, athlete or otherwise on the sportsman, who plays at home.

For example, a football team that plays at home, and that is favored by the prediction, must be accompanied by the sign 1 if you want to bet on it.

The X sign, on the other hand, puts the two teams in balance on its own card: this means that neither of them will bring home the victory.

This sign is almost exclusive to the world of football betting since, in other sports, the draw is almost not contemplated.

Finally, there is the sign 2, which wins the victory, and their own Bet, on the formation that plays away, away from home.
Attention: it does not matter the final score that you will get at the end of the game or any other sporting event.

Even if a formation scores twenty goals, or suffers only one, victory, defeat or draw do not take into account the final score.


Let us now move on to more technical terms, namely Over and Under.
The first of the two is often accompanied by a figure, which could be 2.5 or 3.5 or other numbers.

The term Over means the bet that exceeds the first number that accompanies the bet: but what does this mean?
Let’s take an example: if you bet Over 2.5, you bet on the fact that a football game will end with a higher number of two goals, i.e. 2.

The same goes for Over 3.5: in this case, the goals must be more than three.

With the term Under you take into account the exact opposite, ie you bet that the figure will not be exceeded: Under 2.5 makes you bet on the achievement of a single goal.

For both Over and Under bets, whether they take into account goals, corners, cautions or other types of elements of a sporting event, the total sum is calculated.

So, with Over 3.5, if one formation scores three goals and one two, the bettor will have guessed the prediction.


Attention to another element widely used and heard in sports betting, namely odds.

They are the multiplier that allows you to increase the amount of money won and allows you to have an indication on the prediction made by that bookmaker.

The quota is that element that indicates who is favored and who is not: generally, a high quota indicates a result that is almost impossible to obtain while, a low quota represents that event taken almost for granted.

The odds are present in every type of sports bet: results, Over and Under, draws and other data are marked by an odds.
The amount of money wagered must be multiplied by the share and allows you to get a win more or less high money: a score of 3, attributed to a team, means that the amount of money wagered will be tripled in case of victory and prediction guessed.

Bonus bets are the type of bets that allow you to add a type of prediction to the same event: they are generally additional and do not bind a potential scheme of play, ie the complete card.

The presence of dozens of bookmakers in Italy who operate with a regular license offers the user a wide choice taking into account the different bonuses on each platform, so as to choose the book that best suits their needs and their type of game. Many books have formed partnerships with various Serie A companies launching competitions designed ad hoc, but most of the promotions on the sites of sports betting relate to 3 types of games.

Here are some types of bonuses identified by the team of present on the major online betting sites:

Partial refund of the multiple in the event of a single negative outcome – The first type is a bet with the possibility of a refund: in case the user selects the matches (free or specific), is refunded a part of the bet if it is loser for a single event.

Generally the refund is 30-50% of the bet placed and you must meet certain requirements such as select odds above 1.3, play 3 or more events or place the bet with a total amount of at least 5-10 euros, for the bonus to be paid.

This type of promotion is suitable for lovers of multiple and for those who play sports bets of more than 5 euros: having the opportunity to be refunded in case of a single negative outcome on 3-4 selected is a great opportunity.

In addition, several bettors use an interesting “trick” trying to make the most of these promotions: bearing in mind a promotion where you have to select 4 events with a minimum odds of 1.3, you select 3 events with a low odds and an event with a higher odds to increase the total odds of the bet.

Considering the high chance of success of the 3 events with lower odds, it remains to overcome the obstacle represented by the last match with higher odds, but if the outcome is negative, the partial refund will be triggered.

Deposit bonus – every three months or six months, several operators offer their users this type of bonus that provides a bonus on the next deposit. Generally it is a technique that is used to bring the customer together after a period of long inactivity on the platform or on special occasions such as Black Friday or in periods of calendar holidays (in this case the period of December).

The next deposit bonus generally requires a minimum deposit of 25 or 50 to usually have up to 50% of the total amount of the deposit in the form of a euro bonus (up to a maximum set by the bookmakers). Obviously there are some restrictions, among which the most important is that of having to play the bonus at least once and on bets with minimum odds of about 1.5.