Photo Restoration

Professional Photo Restoration & Repair Services

With over 25 years experience working with programs like Adobe PhotoShop®, Don Rose Photography is the area's leader in providing professional photo restoration and retouching services. We use the latest specialized high-end equipment and have been restoring photographs for individuals, as well as commercial organizations and historical societies.

If disaster strikes your most cherished photographs, whether it be in the form of flood, fire, accident, overexposure to ultra-violet rays (sun), or your dog or cat has had it for lunch, in most cases Don Rose Photography can repair or rebuild by making a digital copy of your damaged photo and rebuild the image using the latest digital technology. The completed rebuilt image will be returned to you as a high-resolution file ready to be printed by us or the lab of your choice. That means it will last for generations to come.

Every retouching job is unique and must be individually quoted. Please call: 724-953-3121 to schedule an appointment. We can repair many types of photo damage; we cannot fix an out-of-focus photo no matter how much experience we have. Note: digitally restored copies of your photos cannot replace the original photograph. In most cases; sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, it all depends on the original and the condition.

How we start the process of restoration

Based on our experience, we will either scan your photo using the best scanning equipment and software possible! Sometimes depending on the condition of the photo, a scanner can scan unwanted artifacts such as original paper defects from lower grade paper media. In such cases, we will shoot a digital image in our studio under the correct lighting conditions using the correct white balance corrections necessary. We photograph with some of the best camera equipment available ensuring the most accurate results possible.

Restoration Sample

The sample link below shows a photograph that was printed on canvas-surface paper. Retouching was done using paint to enhance the photo's texture and artsyness. The photo was faded, having been bleached by light over the years; it had also been torn. Click the link below to view.

Our Services Include:

  • Color correction
  • Stain removal
  • Sun damaged photos.
  • Repair of faded photographs.
  • Restoration of minor or severely damaged photographs.
  • Repair of torn and cracked photos.
  • Recreating missing pieces of the photo.
  • Repair of water damaged photos.
  • Colorization of B&W photos.
  • Photo enhancements
  • Adding text to your photo.
  • Photo Enlargements
  • Photo Prints
Professional Photo Restoration