Bet188 has been around for 12 years now. In 2006, when they first opened shop, online betting wasn’t as popular as it is today. However, as the field expanded, one thing remained constant: Bet188 has always held the highest reputation for professionalism.

While the company may not be the most popular today, it is certainly the safest as they hardly ever drop the ball when it comes to accurate bets.

The casino section of Bet188 is the most popular field by far. They have more than 3000 different betting games available to date, leaving no means for anyone not to find something that interests them.

In this review, we’ll determine the pros and cons of the Bet188 that we have today. Has their reputation kept them afloat all these years or are they really still succeeding? Reading on to find out!



  • The odds for Bet188 are in the favor of the bet placer. It is very unusual for any betting site to allow the odds to lean toward the bet placer. Most would cause the average odds to result in 49:51 at the very most. Bet188 has their odds set at 50.5:49.5, give or take a couple of decimals. This is a massive pro, if you ask me.
  • Asian handicap betting is available for numerous sport bets. Most would only include them for football, but Bet188 incorporates these bets into many of their sport bets.
  • The cash out system is flawless and works well for both high and low rollers. You can withdraw for as little as 1 Euro and bet as high as 35,000 Euros. The minimum deposit is just 10 Euros so you’ll find that any level of bet placer finds their place there.
  • The customer support of Bet188 is the best I’ve ever encountered. They work around the clock and quickly resolve any issue. The best part about them is that they’re often ready to help out immediately due to the low amount of actual issues that occur on the site.
  • Bet188’s software was programed by Microgaming. Microgaming has been the lead company for betting site since shortly after Bet188 was created.


  • Bet188 doesn’t serve players from the United States, which is a con for those who indeed are from there. Bet188 focuses primarily on the UK and to a lesser degree, Asia.
  • If you’re interested in poker, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Bet188 does not support poker betting at all.
  • Players outside of the UK can’t take advantage of Bet188’s bonuses.

Contact Methods

Bet188’s customer support works around the clock. Every member of their team speaks fluent English. They also have people who are capable of conversing in Chinese, Thai, and Korean. (The website also supports these languages)


If you live in the UK, Bet188 is a great site for you! You’ll have access to their bonuses and exclusive offers that will enrich your casino experience.

As I mentioned earlier, players from the United States miss out on this opportunity, but anyone and everyone else should take advantage of Bet188’s amazingly favorable odds!

Overall, the decade-old betting site is alive and kicking after all!


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